Last Friday night was definitely interesting, in a good way of course – Acoustic Sessions at Henry’s!

The plan was to meet friends grab a quick take away and head to Henry’s Coffee House to watch/listen to their new acoustic sessions (live music with a cappuccino in hand… Bliss!)
If it all went to plan then I would of got to see the people before That Girl Gail playing but oh no! (actually though no fault of our own)
Ketchup make lovely burgers and do take-aways, brilliant, well not really but kind of.
Get there, they haven’t actually given our order to the kitchen, don’t have to even argue for free drinks, finish drinks, food finally ready, and half price on top of the deal thing they do… perfect! But an hour for a take away…. eek!

So finally get along to Henry’s, rather late, … like I said though live music and cappuccino… what more could I ask for!!! Never mind this pub business I’m sold on coffee house gigs!
As expected That Girl Gail was brilliant, and turns out she could be working with a local producer as a result… sorted!
My only suggestion to Henry’s would be please use the dimmer switch, T’was a tad bright!
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