Recent Branding Work

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Start your branding today

Start thinking about your brand today.

There is some excellent help available on the blog section of our website to help you through our handy Branding Manual guide. We created this guide to start you thinking about branding your business. It’s aimed to help tease out information and what you’re looking to achieve within your brand. We will work with you through this guide as it gives us a very in-depth understanding of your business ensuring we have the information we need to begin creating the brand your business deserves.

If your business is already running with a logo, this guide is still useful to focus your brand further and ensure your current brand is relevant in your marketplace. Think of it as a check up for your brand.

Logo vs Branding

We mention “branding” because it’s not just a logo that you need. A brand is your visual identity to your customers, its relevant in your packaging, promotional material, publications even the minute details such as your email signature and invoices. A logo is the most obvious part of a brand but only a part of a much wider picture. We’ll provide you with an entire brand look for every aspect of your business where it’s relevant.

A logo is just a little symbol, albeit a very important one, think of the wider picture where your logo fits seamlessly into your brand.

As part of our branding process we’ll discuss your requirements in detail and create a branding package tailored to what you’ll need, ie. social media branding, email signatures or brand guidelines should you be creating documents yourself.