I went to the zoo!

The occasion was a friends birthday so we chose to go to the zoo! Although it was stupidly early to get to our appointment with the pandas!

Now, these pandas are costing, oh no wait, a voluntary donation, about ¬£600 000 a year… but the guide explained the money is for conservation of forests in China… that I have no problem with, assuming the charity and not the government are getting this money.

But back to the zoo… a brilliant day! Annoying niggles, typically Scottish and freezing, sunny but freezing! By the end of the day we all very exhausted… the zoo is built on a hill, which we walked all the way around.

Now Edinburgh Zoo has had some bad criticism recently, why I have no idea… it’s well worth the visit, and there is a lot going on also, talks etc.

As far as the photos go, shot with a 50mm mostly which has its advantages, not so much for groups of people/animals as there is a little focus range but hey ho! Enjoy…

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