A while ago now when the moon was out and lovely and bright I thought to go on midnight photography wanders. A very exciting but very cold prospect (my car read 1) so I actually prepared for this one, mainly stocking up on extra gloves, scarves and layering jumpers. For this one I also have to thank google maps for telling me where I can find all the local water expanses!

Now, I’m using a Canon 350D, most probably VERY outdated by todays standards, but you know what I love it! Although I’m not happy about the below images! … So its dark, auto focus doesn’t work, so I focus myself (really didn’t think it’d be any bother), oh and its dark! I need to eat more carrots. And my lovely little camera has a little(not lovely) screen so I actually didn’t notice they were out of focus……. ARRRRRHHHH!

I could of actually screamed when I saw these…

… but the show goes on, look and see the potential not the whole out of focus part, or my little cameras noise issue!

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