It’s now been just over a week since I came back from a week in Groningen, Holland. A truly great and inspiring trip. It was a college trip and when I heard it first announced all I heard was abroad and free, yes free! Didn’t realise I’d actually have to do quite so much work! It really was an intense week… not quite what I expected but as I said, great. Just being away from the norm I think was lovely in itself but it was really great meeting all the wonderful people we met and working collaboratively with fellow Dutch students.¬†

So, as we actually had to do some work in Groningen, Holland, the plan changed from “metro mapping” (don’t ask me for the explanation of what it is) into street art! Legal of course, turns out in Holland they’re very friendly to creatives, not something I particularly find the Scottish government. If you read down you’ll get a lovely image alongside text making things more interesting!

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