Well, college assessments were last Monday and the work for it all was finished last Monday at 5am… have to say I’ve LOVED the past two weeks off to actually have time to do things, albeit nothing sometimes but I’ve loved it!

And since I now have a laptop again after him being sent away to be “fixed” when he decided to work perfectly for Apple, I thought I really should finally blog about project 2, although I have just realised writing this a blog for project 1 is still due…. to follow soon….

Well, enough rambling….

Project 2 is a competition brief where I have chosen a YCN brief from the Industry Trust to promote “copyright respect.” At first I though a strange concept as you associate copyright as a negative thing and tag it with anti-piracy but this campaign focuses on the positive aspect of respecting copyright.

For this Campaign I have created my first ever movie and also taught myself to use aftereffects! Not an easy task! It is also accompanied by a Print campaign…

I realise the video needs some minor work to it but this is still to be polished up!

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