I have myself a Kodak Brownie 127 Camera!
I went for coffee to Abernyte Antiques Centre with my good friend and afterwards had a wander around the centre and I found this!
It was love at first sight, I’m not a vintage freak (frankly I think the “vintage” element is pointless… its the style your after) and in this case I was really after (sorry) the crap quality of the camera!
I have a brilliant book showcasing photos taken from “toy cameras” and really love the effect you can achieve (mostly by accident though the cameras crap quality).
This little Kodak being old, used and basic I hope this fits the bill! I have my film all ordered and even found a website to process it for £3, rather than the £50 Fujifilm wanted!And for the vintage fans, this is first model made between 1952-1959, made in England with f/14 and 1/50 shutter….
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