So last week I was one of 2 photographers at Oxjam Dundee. This was my first experience of gig photography, so as expected I was pretty nervous, not really sure what to do or what to really take photos of! But getting there and realising Migle, the other photographer, was in the same position as me really helped!

It was fun, learning the venue, planning potential shots and deciding how we would work together as in who would be where and doing what. Having to work with someone else on something I consider a personal thing was really interesting and exciting.

After the first half hour of starting thought I was pretty comfortable and we were working well together getting what we needed between us while both still having the time to play!

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Want to listen to the bands? Here’s the links…

The Trade Cha Cha Heels Ed Muirhead Silent Nothing That Girl Gail Vanishing People