This year has gone far too quickly. Friday was college hand in dates for project 3. Monday was presentations for our business plans and now just an exhibition to set up and that’s education done… its pretty scary now, don’t quite know what’s next but sure that’ll come soon.

But here is project 3. To say it was stressful is a bit of an understatement. I really struggled to find a concept that I was happy with but largely due to time I settled on one and rolled ahead with it. I chose to create a campaign for Visit Scotland to promote Scottish tourism. In this I produced a TV ad, a print campaign and mock-up of a website. The campaign is designed to have an interactive element to it which encourages people to submit their own drawings of their gems within Scotland which would be used to build up a map of Scotland and a resource for people to discover new places. I wanted there to be an element of discovery within the campaign and to portray Scotland in a less conventional way.

I differed from many other tourist campaigns by producing hand-drawn artwork whereas many other campaigns use photography and filmed footage. The drawing was quite a challenge but doing it has boosted my confidence within my drawing abilities and I’m very pleased with the effect it gives.

I slightly underestimated the amount of work involved but with sleepless nights taken to finish it here is the final work!

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